I would love to be a colorist

My inspiration is comics.

I would’ve never truly noticed just how much work is put into coloring an image and making it pop, until I actually tried it. 

I’ve gotten significantly better over the years and I will continue to strive forward and prove to myself that this goal can be accomplished and maybe one day fulfilled as a career. 

I’m multi-talented and therefore have a larger span of dreams than others do, but this is a whole different story. 

End of Rapture

First person narrative, I think I did exceptionally well considering this is most definitely not my strong suit.     

As for the Latin found within this work, I used ALPHA Latin from a Google translator so don’t try to nail me to a wall if I’m incorrect. It’s called having fun. 

The name Sienna was recently used in Enter Dementia, this story was suppose to be the prologue to that piece.

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Recently found piece of work that has instantly inspired me to continue with a story-line that I left unattended for sometime. Won’t go into detail on what exactly that plot pertains to. I’m still weary of lurkers who might steal any ideas/work. 

  • Consider this the prologue to a story I shall finish.

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Enter Dementia

*Sienna wakes up and is attacked by the shadows as well as a demon known as Dementia.

  • This was originally part of a story line I had worked on a few years back, it never got anywhere. The idea was scrapped and ran into the ground. 
  • It was later rewritten as a prompt called ‘RED’ 

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You were

A harsh winter.

So cold that the ground would freeze over and all life would be destroyed beneath your unforgiving winds. There were no inhabitants in your little world, there were no others but you and I. Your happiness was in existence while mine fell away into a void of self loathing and hatred. 

For you were-

Godlike. With hands that could reshape mountains and evaporate the sea. Capable of shadowing out the sunlight and destroying any essence of the moon. My moon. 

Oh, how the devil was an angel once too.

And I was-

Your doll. Favored plaything, whose face would be washed away and repainted to your desired liking. Melting at my iron heart, only to replace it with glass. You would tear away my world until nothing but misery roamed the lands, for you wanted to be my only light even if that meant you were the darkness first. 

For you were-

A wonder. Although now the scales have fallen from my eyes and all I see is a creature unworthy of a name. An item that bears my anger, a thing that I have yet to forgive. I want to forget you.

For you were-

You were-

You were.